Rules & Regulations


The tournament shall be called 29th PESTA BOLA JARING USM-PENANG INTERNATIONAL 2019.


The challenge trophies shall remain the property of USM. The winning teams shall return the respective trophies in good and proper condition to the organizing committee right after the prize giving ceremony.


The tournament is organized by a selected committee of women undergraduates of USM with the assistance from the Sports and Recreation Centre of USM.


PESTA BOLA JARING USM-PENANG INTERNATIONAL 2019 will be held on 18th-20th OCTOBER 2019 at the main campus of USM, PENANG, MALAYSIA. Azman Hashim-USM Sports Complex and also USM Sports Complex (Indoor Hall).


All matches shall be played in accordance with the latest rules of the Game of Netball issued by the International Federation of Netball Associations (IFNA) with the exception of specific rules that the Pesta Bola Jaring USM states.

It is the hope of the organizers that cleanliness in campus be observed at all the times on or off the netball fields. This is appropriate with The Healthy concept which has been practiced in this university.

The Healthy Campus concept emerged from the realization that the main factors for enhancing learning are the quality of life and the health of students in a wider context. Emphasis was given to the spiritual , social , physical , mental , emotional and environmental aspects. The Healthy Campus programme commenced in 2000 and is based on 5 main characteristics that is volunteerism, teamwork , data and information , self sufficiency and comprehensive documentation.

The university had made many programme to implement The Healthy Campus. One of them is " Say No To Plastic " programme. Effective 1st August 2008, canteen operators in USM will no longer give out thin plastic carry bag freely. The goal is to reduce the amount of trash generated by these plastic bags. With the cost of plastic resins going sky high due to the runaway petroleum prices, it is timely that we check out waste of this non-renewal source.


The tournament is open to all schools, colleges, institutions of higher learning and clubs. Only combined participation of the  school and clubs is allowed. There is no restriction to foreign participation. The organizers reserve the right to decline participation of any team without any excuses.


The number of the players to be registered is 12 ;7 players and 5 reserved players. A player is only allowed to be registered in 1 team in the same category. The categories are:-

7.1 Under 12

Opens to all students and members of clubs under the age of 12 before 1.1.2019 - born on or after 1.1.2007. A copy of the birth certificates must be enclosed during registration.

7.2 Under 15

Open to all student sand members of clubs under the age of 15 before 1.1.2019-born on or after 1.1.2004.

7.3 Under 18

Open to all students and members of clubs under the age of 18 before 1.1.2019-born on or after 1.1.2001. A copy of the identity cards/passports (for Under 15 & Under 18 ) must be enclosed during registration.

7.4 Open Institute of Higher Learning (Women )

Open to all full time students of Institutions Higher Learning only. Combined Institutions Higher Learning are not allowed. No age limit. Copy of student matric cards must be produced during registration.

7.5 Open Women Classic

Open to all women in government agencies, private sectors, sport clubs dan other club over the age of 35 before 2019- born on or after 1.1.1984. Copy of identification card or passport must be produced during registration.

7.5 Open ( Men & Women)

Open to all women & men in government agencies , private sectors , sport clubs , schools and other clubs. There will be no age limit.


Matches will be played according to the time scheduled.

Duration of the Match

Each match will be played in 2 halves, each half of 7 minutes without break. The change of ends for both teams shall take not more than one minute.

The teams /team managers are to report to the field marshals 15 minutes before each scheduled match at the respective pitches.

However, the Organizer has the right to make changes ,should the necessity arise and the teams concerned will be informed at the soonest possible time.

Replacement and Changing of Positions

Both teams are allowed to make changes to position/ replacement of players when:-

(i) An injury takes place

(ii) When changing ends during second half (1 minute) 


Preliminary Round ( Group League)

9.1 The group matches will be played on a league system. Points awarded be as follows;

3 - Win

1 - Draw

0 - Loss

9.2 If any team arrives late after than 5 minutes and fails to play at the scheduled time, then the game is considered as a walkover to the opposing team with a score of 5 - 0.The team concerned will be allowed to compete in the subsequent matches. If both teams fail to turn up, the match is deemed to have been 'played' but neither team will be awarded any point. This consideration is allowed only for the first match.

9.3 Any team which does not compete for the second and subsequent matches will be disqualified.

9.3.1 For any team/teams which has /have been disqualified ,all accumulated points obtained by the team's opponents will automatically be removed.

9.4 The total number of points accumulated will determine the ranking in the group. Only the top 2 teams in the group will be qualified to enter the second round.

9.5 In the event of two or more teams having the same number of points at the end of the league tournament, their standing will be decided as follows:-

9.5.1 The winner shall be decided on goal difference (goals for-goals against)

9.5.2 In event of a tie the team that has scored the greatest number of goals shall be ranked higher.

9.5.3 In the event of a tie again, in spite of 9.5.1 and 9.5.2 above, then the team that has defeated its opponent in that particular league tie shall be ranked higher.

9.5.4 If the result is still a tie a 3 center pass throw will be held to decide the winner.


Second Round Until Finals ( Knock-out System)

9.6 This round will be played on knock-out system. If both teams obtained the same score at the end of full time then the match will continue with a 3 center passes throw. Match schedule for the second round will be prepared by the Technical Committee for all matches.


The number of groups or number of teams per group will be decided by the organizers and no appeal on grouping issues will be entertained. 


Qualified umpires from the Penang Netball Association will be invited by the Organizing Committee to handle the tournament. The assignment of umpires shall be the responsibility of the Technical Committee.


Should a team wish to protest.

12.1 All the protests other than technical are to be made in the forms provided and sent to the Technical Committee no later than 10 minutes after end of the match.

12.2 All protest on technical will be settled by the Chief Umpire in the pitch itself.

12.3 The protest forms are available at the technical table on the field where the match has been played. Completed forms are to be returned to the same table with a protest fee of RM 300.00 ( cash) where the technical officer shall record the time of protest.

12.4 The protest fee shall be forfeited if the protest is found to be frivolous.

12.5 All protests shall be heard by the Technical Committee whose decision shall be final and binding.


All players are required to be uniformly attired. If in the opinion of the colours of the 2 opposing teams may lead to confusion, the first named team in the fixture shall change colours.

Team officials and bench players may not indulge in inappropriate comments or behaviour, including running up and down the Side Lines or along the Goal Lines during play.


Should any match be interrupted due to unforeseen circumstances, the following shall apply.

14.1 Should a match be stopped after 7 minutes of play, the match shall continue
       with the existing score until full time, not necessarily on the same field.

14.2 Should the match be called off before the 7tn minute, the match will restart from the beginning, not necessarily on the same field.

14.3 In the event that group matches (league) cannot be completed due to unforeseen circumstances, the organizers might change the nature of the  tournament.


All players suspended by the state/national associations are not allowed to participate.


All matters not provided for the above rules shall be decided by the Technical Committee whose decision shall be final and binding. In the event of any dispute on the representations of the rules, the Technical Committee's ruling shall also be final and binding on all teams. 

Last update d: 23th May 2019.